Tuesday, 20 March 2012


As I may have mentioned in my other blog, I've created an imagi-nation to take part in Henry Hyde's Wars Of The Faltenian Succession Byzarbian campaign via the WD3 forums.

I give you: the Duchy of Elland.

Elland is a moderately-sized but punching-above-its-weight state somewhere on the borders of something not too unlike Britian. Elland does have a bit of a reputation for fighting hard and not always fair, but that's offset by an equal reputation for being surprisingly egalitarian.

Elland's nearest outpost to Byzarbia is the coastal port of Anafor Gri, West along the coast from Byzarbia, with the feel of a Mediterranean coastal outpost (i.e. a base for operations to deal with pirates, etc) threatening the Duchy's lucrative trade route (known to the Duchy as simply "The Road") with Byzarbia. Elland supplies cloth from its newly opened mills, fine quality barrels and a surprising line in craftsman-made horse tack (spurs, bits etc), traded for Byzarbian... who knows? Spices? silks? what DO the Byzarbians have for trade?

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